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I like its animation, the music/audio also sounds okay while I would be curious for previewing levels than just slowly pass each one by using the keyboard-buttons. maybe a speed-up button for your character could be useful? (I generally also like to skip text in games and lol designed a textbased game which sounds quite unusual I guess)

Your drawn animations look cool, especially the main-character that could be guided within the game's sequences and those small notes could maybe appear bit zoomed e.g. when clicking the space-key (if your game should be a "keyboard only"-type in that case)? While they fit to the game's style and I like it's font, looks personal because of handwritten-text there, like notes that someone mention after lucid-dreaming?

Your art is so nice, do you have more of it online somewhere?

Thanks! You can find more of my art on Twitter:



Nice little game you made. Especially with the artwork, you seem like a really talented artist ^ ^

Thank youu ^ ^