In 2017 I spent a lot of time in bed. I kept having video-game-like dreams(escaping ghost marriages, traveling back in time, escorting payload missions to the South Sea, being ambushed by jellyfish sirens, getting trapped in giant nets of hair, etc..) and my friend told me I should draw them down on a diary, so I made this little interactive diary from my sketches of old memories in one evening.

Game, art and music by me

Soundtrack - "I'm Your Siren"(a singing duet co-written with Sera Eke):

Controls: WASD / Arrow keys

Made for flatjam 2017


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I like its animation, the music/audio also sounds okay while I would be curious for previewing levels than just slowly pass each one by using the keyboard-buttons. maybe a speed-up button for your character could be useful? (I generally also like to skip text in games and lol designed a textbased game which sounds quite unusual I guess)

Your drawn animations look cool, especially the main-character that could be guided within the game's sequences and those small notes could maybe appear bit zoomed e.g. when clicking the space-key (if your game should be a "keyboard only"-type in that case)? While they fit to the game's style and I like it's font, looks personal because of handwritten-text there, like notes that someone mention after lucid-dreaming?

Your art is so nice, do you have more of it online somewhere?

Thanks! You can find more of my art on Twitter:



Nice little game you made. Especially with the artwork, you seem like a really talented artist ^ ^

Thank youu ^ ^